About CISA

Cinteria Industrial S.A. is a production and distribution company of all types of polyester tapes.  Our company is specialized in PVC coated tapes, tapes for mooring systems and lifting loads. We have an extensive experience in the sector and we always seek to provide the highest quality products for our customers.


Cinteria Industrial S.A was created in 1974 in Terrassa (Barcelona), as a manufacturer of tapes for the military sector. After 50 years of experience, it has been evolving its manufacturing systems by incorporating cutting-edge design machinery in the sector and implementing innovative techniques to develop new reinforced fabrics, suitable for any type of mooring system.

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Today, Cinteria Industrial S.A has advanced technology, which gives the ability to produce as many meters of tapes per day as the market demands. Thanks to this, a quality service can guarantee a short time of delivery and tailored product to the needs of each client.

Our added value

At CISA, we work continuously to offer an optimal service to our clients. We have a well-designed and coordinated logistics process, which allows us to offer a strictly comply with a short and immediate time of delivery, always adapted to the needs and preferences of each client.



At CISA, we believe in the personalization of our products as a method to adapt the needs of each client. We offer all types of polyester tapes in different formats and sizes.



One of the pillars that gives meaning for our strategy is to ensure the quality standards of tapes and mooring systems.

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For us is very important to control each manufacturing processes until we get the final product. We also are improving the quality and resistance control systems of tapes every day.

PVC-coated polyester tapes are certified by the independent certification body DEKRA. The DEKRA 2011 certificates: 26011 and 2011: 26259 for this type of tape ensure long-term safety, protection and environmental quality. Thanks to this certification, we can assure our customers that each of our PVC tapes comply with the established and essential safety requirements to trade nationally and internationally.


The commitment of a well-done job and the large experience allows us to guarantee that Cintería Industrial S.A provides/offers 100% quality service in all senses by ensuring the greatest satisfaction to each of our clients.